DMXConv Help

SLADE3 does an okay job at converting sounds from WAV to Doom's DMX format, but you are like me and chuck your sounds in a project tree and want to convert all of them at once for importing later, this'll do it! Works best if you have FFmpeg on your PATH or somewhere on your computer - then you can convert practically EVERY SOUND FORMAT THAT EVER EXISTED to DMX! If not, it'll still use the existing Java SPI framework for conversion, if you want.

dmxconv sounds/*.wav -o ./converted/sounds

Typing `--help` will give you more options and explanations. Keep in mind that this is a one-way utility - it does not convert from DMX back to other formats.

Full Command Help

DMXConv v1.2.0 by Matt Tropiano (using DoomStruct v2.15.8)
Usage: dmxconv [--help | -h | --version | --try-ffmpeg]
               [files] [switches]

    --help              Prints help and exits.

    --version           Prints version, and exits.

    --changelog         Prints the changelog, and exits.

    --gui               Starts the GUI version of this program.

    --try-ffmpeg        Quick test to attempt to find FFmpeg via its default
                        name ("ffmpeg") on the current PATH, and exits.

    <filenames>         The input sound files/directories (wildcard expansion
                        will work!).

    --output-dir [dir]  Sets the output directory path. If not set, each
    -o [dir]            output file is placed in the source file's directory.
                        If the output directory is not found, it is created.

    --ffmpeg [file]     Sets the path to FFmpeg. If not provided, it is
                        searched for on the PATH.

    --ffmpeg-only       If set, DMXConv does not attempt to read the incoming
                        sound files using Java SPI and the classpath, only

    --jspi-only         If set, DMXConv does not attempt to read the incoming
                        sound files using FFmpeg, only Java SPI and the

    --recursive         If directories are found, then DMXConv will recurse
    -r                  through them looking for files.



### Changed for 1.2.0

* `Added` Support for directories and recursion. (Enhancement #101)
* `Fixed` [GUI] Workspace would not save if Output Folder was blank.

### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Added` GUI Version of DMXConv.
* `Added` Additional error output to diagnose FFmpeg issues.

### Changed for 1.0.2

* `Fixed` Typo in an error message.

### Changed for 1.0.1

* `Fixed` Changed FFmpeg call for compatibility with Java 8.

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.