DoomFetch Help

DoomFetch is in the vein of GetWAD or WadSeeker where it will search for WADs/PK3s/PKEs/ZIPs from different sources, and maintain a "lock" file for successfully fetched WADs so they can be re-fetched for different targets. The goal of this tool is just for fetching, or for dependency management.

DoomFetch v1.1.0 by Matt Tropiano
Usage: doomfetch [--help | -h | --version]
                 [driver] [filename] [options]
                 [filename] [options]

    --help              Prints help and exits.

    --version           Prints version, and exits.

    (OPTIONAL) The specific driver to use for searching for a file.

    (OPTIONAL) If specified, the name of the file to fetch (no extension).
    If NOT specified, attempt to fetch the files in the lock file.
    Successfully fetched files are placed in the lock file.


    --lockfile [path]   Changes the lockfile to use. [path] is the path
                        to the lock file.
                            Default: doomfetch.lock

    --target [path]     The target path for the downloaded files. If a
                        file is determined to exist in the target path, of the
                        same name, it is skipped unless --update is specified.
                            Default: .

    --update            Tells DoomFetch to update even if a file is present.

    --nolock            Tells DoomFetch to not update the lock file.

Available drivers:


### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Added` DogSoft driver.
* `Added` The `--nolock` parameter for skipping updating the lockfile.

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.