DoomTools Help

DoomTools v2024.07.06.173654280

    --help               Prints help and exits.

    --docs               Opens DoomTools's documentation folder.

    --settings           Opens the folder where DoomTools stores global
                             (user-level) settings.

    --website            Opens DoomTools's main website.

    --where              Displays where DoomTools lives (ENVVAR test).

    --update             Attempts to update DoomTools (may require permission
                             elevation on some operating systems).

    --update-cleanup     Deletes all previous versions downloaded via update
                             except for the latest (may require permission
                             elevation on some operating systems).

    --update-shell       Updates the shell commands that invoke the tools.
                             If you are missing one, run DoomTools with this

    --gui                Starts the DoomTools GUI.


DoomTools v2024.07.06.173654280
Run with `--help` for more options.

Using DoomStruct v2.15.8
Using Black Rook JSON v1.3.0
Using Rookscript v1.15.0
Using Rookscript-Desktop v1.10.2.1
Using JSoup v1.15.3

Contains DECOHack v0.32.1
Contains DImgConv v1.3.2
Contains DMXConv v1.2.0
Contains DoomFetch v1.1.0
Contains DoomMake v0.26.0
Contains WadMerge v1.11.0
Contains WadScript v1.6.2
Contains WADTex v1.3.1
Contains WSwAnTBL v1.1.1
Contains WTExport v1.5.3
Contains WTexScan v1.2.1