WadTex Help

A utility that imports or exports a DEUTEX-style texture file into/from a WAD file with a set of TEXTUREx/PNAMES lumps. SLADE does an excellent job of doing texture management, but if you're the kind of weirdo that likes managing stuff via text files, this is for you!

wadtex doom2.wad --export texture1.txt
wadtex d2tex.wad --import texture1.txt
wadtex doom2.wad --export doom2-textures.txt --entry-name textures1 wadtex d2tex.wad --import doom2-textures.txt --entry-name textures1

Full Command Help

WADTex v1.3.1 by Matt Tropiano (using DoomStruct v2.15.8)
Usage: wadtex [--help | -h | --version] [file] [mode] [switches]

    --help              Prints help and exits.

    --version           Prints version, and exits.

    --changelog         Prints the changelog, and exits.

    <filename>          The WAD file.

    --export [dstfile]  Export mode.
    -x [dstfile]        Exports PNAMES and texture lump named [dstfile] from
                        [file] to [dstfile].

    --import [srcfile]  Import mode.
    -i [srcfile]        Imports a DEUTEX file from [srcfile] into [file]
                        and adds/modifies PNAMES and the texture lump (name is
                        taken from file name).
                        WAD file is created if it doesn't exist.

    --add               Additive mode. If specified on import, this will
    -a                  append the new data to an existing texture lump.
                        PNAMES may still be altered.

    --entry-name [name] Use the provided entry name instead of the file name
    -n [name]           for the entry name.

    --strife            Force Strife format on import (conversion or new).

    --verbose           Prints verbose output.


### Changed for 1.3.1

* `Fixed` [GUI] Editor would error out on workspace load with no files open.

### Changed for 1.3.0

* `Fixed` Texture file export wasn't working. (Issue #86)

### Changed for 1.2.0

* `Added` The GUI version of WadTex.
* `Added` Entry name override for texture entry lump.

### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Fixed` Handling of PNAMES for multiple TEXTURE entry import.

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.