WSwAnTbl Help

A utility that, like SWANTBLS, imports or exports SWITCHES/ANIMATED data into/from a WAD file, creating/reading a file that is formatted like DEFSWANI.DAT from way back when. Again, for big nerds that like big text files.

wswantbl boomstuf.wad --export DEFSWANI.txt
wswantbl boomstuf.wad --import DEFSWANI.txt

Full Command Help

WSwAnTbl v1.1.1 by Matt Tropiano (using DoomStruct v2.15.8)
Usage: wswantbl [--help | -h | --version] [file] [mode] [switches]

    --help              Prints help and exits.

    --version           Prints version, and exits.

    --changelog         Prints the changelog, and exits.

    --gui               Starts the GUI version of this program.

    <filename>          The WAD file.

    --export [dstfile]  Export mode.
    -x [dstfile]        Exports ANIMATED and SWITCHES from [file] to [dstfile].

    --import [srcfile]  Import mode.
    -i [srcfile]        Imports ANIMATED and SWITCHES from [srcfile] into
                        [file]. WAD file is created if it doesn't exist.

    --import-source     If Import Mode is active, the source is imported
    -s                  as "DEFSWANI" in the WAD file, as well.

    --verbose           Prints verbose output.



### Changed for 1.1.1

* `Fixed` [GUI] Editor would error out on workspace load with no files open.

### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Added` The GUI version of WSwAnTbl.
* `Fixed` Bad newline in export header comments.
* `Added` An `--import-source` switch for adding the source file to the WAD on import as `DEFSWANI`.

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.