WTExport Help

The second version of TEXtract, WTEXport is a utility that extracts a set of flats and textures from a source WAD and adds the extracted textures to a new WAD or an existing WAD, using the output piped in from WTexScan. Also uses ANIMATED/SWITCHES in order to figure out extra textures to copy over to complete full sets.

wtexscan maps.wad | wtexport texturepack.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output maps.wad --add
wtexscan maps.wad | wtexport texturepack.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output mapstex.wad --create

It has some limitations though - doesn't read ANIMDEFS yet. In that case you may be better off doing things more manually via WadTex.

Full Command Help

WTEXport v1.5.3 by Matt Tropiano (using DoomStruct v2.15.8)
Usage: wtexport [--help | -h | --version]
                [files] --base-wad [base] --output [target] [--create | --add] [switches]

    --help                Prints help and exits.

    --version             Prints version, and exits.

    --changelog           Prints the changelog, and exits.

    --gui                 Starts the GUI version of this program.

    --gui-wtexscan        Starts the GUI version of this program that also
                          uses WTexScan to generate the list.

    <filenames>           A valid WAD file (that contains the textures to
                          extract). Accepts wildcards for multiple WAD files.

    --base-wad [base]     The WAD file to use for reference for extraction.
    -b [base]             Any texture resources found in this file are NOT
                          extracted, except for the TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps
                          to use as a base. (Usually an IWAD)

    --output [wad]        The output WAD file.
    -o [wad]

    --create              If specified, the specified output WAD file is
    -c                    created, TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps are overwritten, and the
                          extracted contents are APPENDED to it. If the output
                          file already exists, it is replaced COMPLETELY
                          (be careful)!

    --add                 If specified, if the output WAD exists, the target's
    -a                    TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps are overwritten, and the
                          extracted contents are APPENDED to it. If the WAD
                          does not exist, it is created.

    --null-texture [tex]  If specified, the next argument is the null
                          texture that is always sorted first.

    --no-animated         If specified, do not include other textures in
                          a texture's animation sequence, and ignore ANIMATED

    --no-switches         If specified, do not include other textures in
                          a texture's switch sequence, and ignore SWITCHES

Input List

The input list of textures and flats are a newline-separated list read from
STDIN, with the texture and flat list separated by ":textures" and ":flats"
entries, terminated by ":end". Blank lines and lines prefixed with "#"
are ignored.



# This is a comment.


The utility WTEXSCAN already produces a list formatted this way.


### Changed for 1.5.3

* `Fixed` [GUI] Added message for requiring an output WAD file.

### Changed for 1.5.2

* `Fixed` [GUI] Texture list was not set properly from workspace state. (Issue #104)

### Changed for 1.5.1

* `Fixed` Textures can also be entry names. (Issue #96)

### Changed for 1.5.0

* `Fixed` Textures/Flats in ANIMATED were added in an incorrect order if the provided texture/flat was not the start of an animation loop. (Issue #75)
* `Added` More output info during the extraction process.
* `Added` The GUI version of WTEXport.
* `Changed` Removed some potential sorts that could ruin things.

### Changed for 1.4.0

* `Fixed` Textures added via ANIMATED searching did not also check for SWITCHES pairings.

### Changed for 1.3.0

* `Fixed` Better support for texture WADs missing a TEXTURE1 lump (but having a TEXTURE2).

### Changed for 1.2.0

* `Fixed` A botched flat and namespace-texture ordering procedure that potentially messed up animations.

### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Changed` Removed an unnecessary sort step that butchered that Animation handling in flats and textures.
* `Changed` Added some needed help.

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.