WTexScan Help

A utility that scans one or more WAD files for maps and dumps the list of flats and textures that it finds. Works for DOOM, ZDOOM/HEXEN, and UDMF maps.

wtexscan maps.wad

The output may look strange, because it is best used with....


Full Command Help

WTexScan v1.2.1 by Matt Tropiano (using DoomStruct v2.15.8)
Usage: wtexscan [--help | -h | --version] [files] [switches]

    --help              Prints help and exits.

    --version           Prints version, and exits.

    --changelog         Prints the changelog, and exits.

    <filename>          The files to inspect (WAD/PK3/PKE, accepts wildcards).

    --textures          Output just textures.

    --flats             Output just flats.

  If the above switches are not specified, both textures and flats are output.

    --quiet             Output no comment-messages.

    --no-skies          Skip adding associated skies by map header.

    --map [mapname]     Map to scan. If not specified, all maps will be scanned.


### Changed for 1.2.1

* `Fixed` WTexScan will silently error out (print a message) instead of NPE if a map does 
  not contain SIDEDEFS or SECTORS, due to faulty map detection from DoomStruct. (Issue #92).

### Changed for 1.2.0

* `Added` GUI Version of WTexScan.

### Changed for 1.1.1

* `Added` Autodetect PKE.
* `Changed` Temp file name for PK3/PKEs extracted from an archive altered slightly.

### Changed for 1.1.0

* `Added` Map filtering switch feature (by @XaserAcheron).

### Changed for 1.0.0

* Initial Release.